Civil Services Provider | AenZay Facility Management

In the maintenance industry, repair and civil modifications are considered as one of the most time-consuming activities. Which can disturb your business/ property operations. So consider these activities as services and leave them in the safe hands of our experienced and professional civil services provider. Our team will ensure that our workers will meet your needs and requirements effectively and efficiently, within the stipulated timeframe. Also, our team ensures the best quality product materials such as paint. The highest skilled labor work hard to guarantee satisfactory results. Because we are here to build your trust and to provide you the top-notch repair services in Pakistan.

Painting and Retrofit:

The paint of your commercial building might be getting old or rotten. So definitely it means that now is the time to invest your money in repair and maintenance to make it look better and avail the best civil services in town. To meet your requirements and needs AenZay Facility management is here to provide you civil, painting, and retrofit maintenance services.  Painting enhances the look of a building as it is a common element of renovation. Beyond improving appearance, paints have some additional uses as well. So it is good to know about the performance features of each type of paint to choose the perfect product which is best for each application.

Painting is basically carried out for a few reasons

  • It is for protecting surfaces from solar radiation, rain, insects, and other external factors.
  • If a wall is properly painted with the best suitable product. then it is easier for you to keep that surface clean.
  • They increase the surface durability, make it waterproof, and also increase the visual appeal of a surface.

Why it is important to consider the physical properties of paint before selecting it for a specific application:

  • For the ease of application
  • A reasonable period of drying
  • Without cracking forming a thin film
  • Forming a perfectly durable and hard coating
  • A rainy day should not make its performance affected.
  • It should not be harmful to the users


As mentioned above, there are so many types of paints and the applications of paints vary greatly. To actually increase chemical protection, surface durability, visual appeal, and pest protection, it is important to use paint in construction. Properly selected paint after looking into is the physical application can reduce project costs and better performance at the same time. Anesthetic improvement for buildings regarded as Civil Services. It includes easier maintenance and chemical protection.