We all know that repair & maintenance services are one of the most time-consuming. Aenzay Faciliy Management understands your requirements, thus all you have to do is to let us know what you want. We will meet your expectation in the best possible way. However, we have trained our teams to such perfection that they will meet such tasks in a limited amount of time. So that you can return to your daily routine as soon as possible. To keep things running smoothly, regular repair and maintenance of your place are critical. So from the repair and maintenance of your cooling and heating systems or the installation of home appliances. We are here to take on all projects on your list.


We are a large group of technicians and experts and we provide top-notch maintenance services all over Pakistan. Here we are to provide you the best cheap solutions for your repair and maintenance problems. For any other service like construction, plumbing, handyman, cleaning, electrical, HVAC, painting or retrofit services, and more.


Our goal is to make our customer’s life easier by freeing them to worry about their house repair and maintenance. Our efficient team reaches your doorstep with cost-effective services at the very right time. It does not only save your time as well as your money because of competitive upfront pricing and with the modern tools and techniques. We have a team of technicians and experts who are professional as well as experienced with years of experience in hands of their relevant fields.

Services we offer

Following are the Repair And Maintenance core services being provided by Aenzay Facility Management(AFM)

lawn maintenance

Carpentary Services

Plumbing Services

lawn maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

carpet cleaning lahore

Civil, Painting & Retrofit

carpentry services

Electrical Maintenance

We have been providing the best preventive maintenance services to many of our customers for years it is the experience that we have and the trust that we have built because of which our customers only select us. Apart from that, we have the most talented and skilled team that will meet all your requirements.