There are many appliances and equipment in our commercial and residential that require repair and maintenance services. Apart from that, there is also a major need for janitorial services. This is the reason that Aenzay facility management is here to provide you with top-quality commercial cleaning services.


We have been providing our customers with the high-quality services in the fields of:

Janitorial services
Repair & maintenance


So it is the time that you make the right choice and select Aenzay facility management as your provider of the housekeeping services and preventive maintenance services. We will be at your service on a single call. All our services will win your trust in the best possible way as well as they are all available at affordable rates.

Why Repair & maintenance services

There are many benefits of hiring R & M services for your commercial place. We have the experience of years and thus, or skilled professionals will make sure to provide you with the services that will satisfy all your needs. It means that you will get more time to focus on your business and house rather than on such minor tasks like office cleaning.