Office Supplies:

AenZay Facility Management provides utility services for corporate clients in order to support their admin departments.

Courier Services:

AenZay Facility Management provides facility of courier & shipment facilities nationwide through different platforms of delivery.

Prinng & Photocopier Services:

We provide services of photocopying & printing because we believe these services are widely used in the business, education, and government sectors.


We have been providing our customers with high-quality services for office support.

Courier facility

There are many appliances and equipment in our commercial and residential that requires the repair and maintenance services. Apart from that, there is also a major need for the janitorial services.

Office Supplies

In order to make sure that your employees and the customers are provided with the clean environment and the most hygienic conditions it is essential that you provide them.​


So it is the time that you make the right choice and select Aenzay facility management as your provider of the housekeeping services and preventive maintenance services. We will be at your service on a single call. All our services will win your trust in the best possible way as well as they are all available at affordable rates.

janitorial services lahoreAenZay Facility Management was founded by a renowned name in the interior and architecture industry named AenZay interior & Architects Who understands the upcoming requirements of the corporate sector regarding integrated facility services and how quickly the nature of operations has changed within an organization. Their combined experience helps them maintain high standards of quality and commitment on the premises under their trained supervision to the satisfaction of clients. A number of satisfied clients are evidence of AenZay Facility Management’s remarkable performance over the years.

One of the major investments that you can make in your home or the commercial building is having a carpeted floor. As you have to make sure that it is high-quality and will look unique in your office and other rooms. However, the maintenance of the carpet is not easy. If you do not get it cleaned on time it will not only became the house of many germs but also will not look as attractive as it once was. This is the reason that Aenzay facility management are providing their best services of carpet cleaning. We know that you do not have the time to pay attention. So it is the time that you hand over the carpet cleaning to us and pay most of your attention to the next project that you are about to handle.