Aenzay Facility Management was founded by Interiors industry professionals who understand the requirements of a cleaning enterprise alongside the cleaning needs of offices and public buildings. Their combined experience helps them maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene on the premises under their trained supervision to the satisfaction of clients. A number of satisfied clients are evidence of Aenzay Facility Management’s high quality services.   By allowing us to provide janitorial services for your building and facilities, you hand over your cleaning worries to experts who have a plan for every situation. We tailor our services based on your building’s floor plan, existing facilities, and the number of daily users. Our specific equipment and trained workers provide special care and handling to high-usage areas like the cafeterias, restrooms, and parking lots. We provide special packages for public buildings like schools, hospitals, museums, libraries and shopping centers in accordance with each one’s needs.We provide in-depth training, which ensures that each worker that wears our company uniform to serve a client is properly trained in maintaining standards of hygiene and cleanliness. By placing special emphasis on training, we proactively prevent the problem of varying standards that stem from the industry-wide high turnover rate.

Our Quality Policy

Quality, Health & Safety Policy



We are also maintaining 20 outlets of leading Designer Design Outlets of Khaadi including their Regional Head Office in Lahore. These 20 outlets are situated in all the major cities of Punjab and we are successfully providing state of the art Janitorial & Maintenance Services. Here is the glimpse of the work



We have continued experience of serving CCBPL ( one of the largest FMCG ) from last two years. The buildings comprise of one State of the art Training Facility “ CDC/ KO Learning Center”, Zuchini Building at Lahore Plant and Center of Excellence ( COE ) at Gulberg Lahore. Our services have been recognized on various occasions. We are complying with all the required Labor laws including Social Security, EOBI, Life Insurance, Educational Cess etc. We believe in ECO- FRIENDLY services and our parent firm is also OHSAS 18001 & ISO 9001 certified which depicts our commitment towards quality and safety. Following are few snapshots of our services at various locations;